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Suzhou Difei Electronics Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Difei Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company has been committed to the stamping and processing of high-precision stainless steel products. After 12 years of unremitting efforts, we now mainly provide high-precision stainless steel stamping parts for automobile manufacturers in East China. The products are mainly used for automobile air conditioning, audio control systems and internal fixed connections. The company currently has its own mold design, mold manufacturing, stamping processing, and subsequent assembly services. The main end customers are Shanghai Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Great Wall Motors, Dongfeng Nissan, German Volkswagen and so on. In order to better ensure the stability of the product, the company has been equipped with material hardness tester, two-dimensional projector, elasticity meter, torsion meter and other testing instruments. The company has passed the ISO9001 certification (Zhongwang Jiamei, NO: ZWJM21). @10015R0S) and IATF16949 certification for auto parts (NQA: T87187, IATF: 039094). The company's business philosophy is "customer first, technology first, unity and cooperation, seeking truth and being pragmatic".