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How to classify battery shrapnel

How to classify battery shrapnel

1. Lift gas spring is the most widely used battery shrapnel. It mainly plays a supporting role. It has only the shortest and longest positions, and it cannot stop by itself during the stroke. It is most widely used in industries such as automobiles, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, and construction machinery. Free-type gas springs have been widely used in automobiles, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment and other industries due to their lightness, stable work, convenient operation, and preferential prices. Or high-cold environment, acidic or alkaline environment, etc.

2. Self-locking gas spring battery shrapnel (angle adjuster, controllable gas spring) (Lockable gas spring) is the most widely used in medical equipment. This kind of gas spring can be stopped at any position in the stroke with the help of some release mechanisms, and has a great locking force after stopping (which can reach more than 10000N).

3. Stop the gas spring at will. Battery shrapnel (friction gas spring, balanced gas spring) are mainly used in kitchen furniture, medical equipment and other fields. Its characteristics are between the free-type gas spring and the self-locking gas spring: it can stop at any position in the stroke without any external structure, but there is no additional locking force. The effect is mainly achieved through the controller (handle or cable). It can also be achieved by the expansion and contraction of the piston rod. When the controller is adjusted to the ideal position and stopped, the valve will be closed independently, and the piston rod will be locked in the required position. When lockout occurs, lockout can be achieved. However, if the locking force is exceeded, the locking function will no longer be effective.

4. Swivel chair gas spring battery shrapnel (air bar) is mainly used on the swivel chair to adjust the position. It is characterized by controllable and relatively large demand.

V. Traction gas spring battery shrapnel (gas traction springs) is a special battery shrapnel: other gas springs are in the longest position when they are in a free state, that is, they are The longest position moves to the shortest position, and the free state of the traction gas spring is in the shortest position, and it runs from the shortest position to the longest position when being pulled. The traction gas spring also has corresponding free type and self-locking type.


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