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How do battery shrapnel manufacturers produce packaging metal shrapnel

How do battery shrapnel manufacturers produce packaging metal shrapnel

How does the manufacturer produce packaging metal shrapnel.

The working principle of the metal shrapnel: The metal shrapnel on the membrane button is located on the conductive part of the PCB board (mostly located above the golden fingers on the circuit board). When pressed, the center point of the shrapnel is concave and touches the circuit on the PCB. Thus, a loop is formed, the current passes through, and the entire product can work normally.

Generally, conventional metal shrapnel can be divided into round metal shrapnel, cross-shaped metal shrapnel, triangular metal shrapnel, and oval metal shrapnel according to their different shapes. The diameter ranges from 3mm to 20mm, and the strength ranges from 100g to 600gf. Of course, if you have special requirements to make according to your drawings, there is no problem.

How to fix the metal shrapnel on the PCB board?

There are two methods here: some metal shrapnel itself has feet, you can choose the length of our metal shrapnel feet according to the thickness of your wrench. The feet are usually triangular metal shrapnel; the second is to make a metal shrapnel conductive film, which is directly attached with glue on the back, but the cost is slightly higher.

Packaging method of metal shrapnel:

Generally speaking, there are four packaging methods for metal shrapnel. Which packaging method should be selected according to your requirements. The four methods are: directly use PET bags; make metal shrapnel conductive film directly attached to the board; use tubes; use reels. The latter two methods can well reduce the assembly time, and are currently mainly used in foreign countries.

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