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Reasons that affect the quality of metal stamping parts

Reasons that affect the quality of metal stamping parts

1. Defects in the design of the flanging forming die

This mold is shared by the left and right parts of a mold with two cavities. Because the content of this process is not only the flanging, but also the shape forming content, and the part is particularly complex, the curved surface is narrow, and the forming requires that the concave die press core and the forming surface match, etc. As a result, the mold structure condition has a large forming stroke and a small pressing area. In the initial mold design, the designer only considered the feature of small blanking surface, but ignored the guiding slide stroke of blanking core.

There are the following design flaws:

(1) The guide length of the blanking core is designed to be 125mm, and the actual guiding length is 115mm. Although within the design range, the 115mm movement of the holding part exceeds the effective guiding length of 10mm, the holding of the blanking core is unstable, and the positioning of the part is not stable. The ills of quasi.

(2) For a forming height of 115mm, a special guide slide must be designed. It cannot be guided by the sliding gap between the processing surface and the side wall of the die. The side slope causes the friction force to increase, the self-lubricating effect is extremely poor, and the strong lateral force is obtained. If it is not effectively eliminated, after mass production, the guide gap will increase due to long-term wear, and the normal guide effect of the mold will be lost early, which will cause a vicious quality accident.


2. There are errors in mold processing parts and drawing design

This part is the area that needs to be processed as a guide clearly marked in the drawing. However, because the die core is a complex profile, the guide surface is machined after the casting is formed. The stamping and stretching processing plant causes a gap error after the processing surface and the guide surface of the concave die are slidingly matched. This occurs during the normal operation of the mold. The pressing core swings left/right.

How can we reduce the possibility of processing damage to metal stamping parts?

The service life of metal stamping parts molds is related to many factors such as mold structure design, mold steel selection, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining and grinding, wire cutting technology, stamping equipment, stamping materials and technology, mold lubrication, poor maintenance and repair. Among the various factors that cause mold failure, unfair mold structure and improper material selection accounted for about 25%, improper heat treatment accounted for about 45%, process problems accounted for about 10%; equipment problems, slippery problems and other factors accounted for about 20%. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of gold stamping parts to prevent rust and corrosion. In daily use, lightly close and open lightly to prevent hard closing and hard opening, which may cause damage. The following is an introduction to how to prevent damage to metal stamping parts:

1. The models, specifications and functions of hardware fittings should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selection of plastic steel doors and windows.

2. For sliding windows with a width of more than 1 meter, or double-glazed doors and windows, double pulleys should be installed, or movable elastic pulleys should be used.

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