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​Safety and matters of metal stamping parts

Safety and matters of metal stamping parts

Metal stamping is firstly cold stamping, ranging from stainless steel fast food trays to car cage covers. The shells of cars you see are all stamped out with molds. This mold is divided into two parts, the upper mold and the upper mold. The lower mold, most of the molds are the size of the lower mold, which is like the shape of a fast food plate. The upper mold needs to be processed into a concave, which is to match the lower mold as the scale. In this way, the upper mold and the lower mold Install the mold on the press, use the press to separate the mold, put on the sheet material, that is, iron plate, steel plate, or stainless steel and other hardware materials. Once the press is pressed, the hardware products you want will come out.


When the mold is pulled away from the punch, the mold cart should not be turned too sharply to prevent the guide plate or the material pallet from hanging on the punch or the soundproof cover of the punch, causing damage to the mold parts or the mold slipping. Do not move the mold when the mold is abnormally lowered, especially in the mold After the height-stop column is cushioned with plastic. After the Shenzhen hardware products are molded, the punch host and other power sources are closed to avoid excessive resources. When the mold is normally stopped, the mold needs to be moved until the guide pin enters the round hole of the material belt. (Prevent the material from retreating and entanglement caused by the feeder not holding the material when there is no air pressure.) It is strictly forbidden to stop the mold at the bottom dead center. . (It is easy to cause the service life of the spring in the mold to be reduced. Benefit is the building, and safety is the cornerstone. Dongguan Heju Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of metal shrapnel molds and other types of molds for several years, and provides staff safety education on schedule Training has always put the safety of production and discharge in the first place, and promotes the protection of the customer’s property to the hearts of every employee. Metal stamping is the use of punches and molds to deform or deform plates and other materials such as iron, aluminum, copper, etc. Fracture is a process that has a certain shape and size. Stamping is called sheet forming in foreign countries. It is also called this in our country. The so-called sheet forming refers to the use of sheets, wall tubes, thin profiles, etc. as raw materials. Plastic processing The forming method is collectively referred to as sheet forming.

In the stamping process of the metal shrapnel mold, because the high-speed punch is used, the risk factor is relatively high. If the operation is improper, it will cause severe damage to the mold, and the safety of the operator will also be harmed. Therefore, when the mold needs to be dismounted, remember to press the operation execution to ensure the safety of the mold and the operator. There are two situations for the hardware shrapnel mold drop-off, normal drop-off and abnormal drop-off. .Put the punch to the top dead center and pull the mold to the center of the mold cart. When drawing the mold, two people must complete it at the same time. Do not pull the mold by one person to ensure safety. The mold cart must be pulled away from the punch for a certain interval before the height of the mold cart can be lowered. Prevent the mold cart from getting stuck on the punching platform, causing the mold to slip off. Clamping screws, scissors, material hooks, flashlights, etc. are strictly forbidden to be placed on the control surface platform of the punch when the mold is lowered. After the flywheel is completely stopped, the plastic or paper cores of Shenzhen hardware products are placed on the diagonal stop posts at the front and back of the mold. It should not be placed between the stripping plate and the mold core fixing plate, and iron blocks can not be used instead of plastic to be placed in the mold. Use a safety rod to shake the flywheel (do not pull the flywheel by hand or use a safety rod to prevent the flywheel from running before the flywheel is not stopped). Just stick to the upper and lower stop posts. Before pulling the mold, make sure that the mold inlet material belt pallet has been loosened and taken Down. When the mold cannot be pulled, one person can pull it out and the other can push it back. (Don't push back at the same time and push the mold out of the punching platform) You can also use the mold lifting screw to turn the screw hole of the lower mold base, and then lift it up with both hands at the same time and pull it out.

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