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The design and processing of automobile stamping parts molds by automobile stamping parts manufacturers

The design and processing of automobile stamping parts molds by automobile stamping parts manufacturers

Everyone knows that the automobile production industry has always been a relatively hot industry. As a ubiquitous means of transportation, it can be said that the popularity of automobiles is very high. We all know that the assembly of a car is composed of a lot of parts, and a lot of parts on the car are stamped products. In the classification of automotive stamping parts, there are automotive parts stamping parts, automotive hardware stamping parts, automotive precision stamping parts, and stamping parts with different functions have different materials and processing methods. However, no matter what type of stamping part is, the plan of stamping die is indispensable, which is the foundation for the forming and dimensional precision of stamping parts to meet the requirements.

From a professional point of view, the processing of automotive stamping parts is the process of separating and shaping the raw materials through molds and stamping equipment. It can be seen that automotive stamping parts molds and stamping equipment are very important in terms of short and long, and most stamping equipment is purchased. Finished products, and automotive stamping parts molds plan the style and size according to customer requirements. If the accuracy of the stamping die is not high, or the application life is not long, for automotive stamping parts manufacturers, uncertain processing factors will affect the delivery time and The quality of stamping parts is a loss to the reputation and weather of automobile stamping parts manufacturers.

For auto parts stamping parts, automotive precision stamping parts, automotive metal stamping parts and other automotive stamping parts, we have a professional stamping parts processing and production team. Especially for the stamping die plan, after continuous accumulation and improvement of resumes, not only the efficiency of stamping parts processing is increased, but the quality and accuracy of stamping parts are more guaranteed.

We all know that different stamping die materials have very big differences in hardness and wear resistance. The wear resistance of automotive stamping parts is not high, which will greatly affect the accuracy requirements of automotive stamping parts. Therefore, in order to improve the stamping die In terms of application life, Hutchison Tengke will select better materials in terms of wear resistance and strength compared to the same period in the selection of stamping die materials to ensure the processing quality of automotive stamping products.

The second is the processing and disposal of automotive stamping parts. Reasonable forging and heat treatment are the main points to ensure the application life of stamping dies. It should be known that if the stamping die is processed by heating and overheating, the stamping parts will become brittle and easily deformed after cooling. Such stamping products are different, so the planning and processing of automotive stamping molds is not acceptable. Hutchison Tengke has been committed to the processing and production of stamping parts, and the quality control of automotive stamping products is also extremely strict, to ensure that each order can be achieved on time and with guaranteed quantity. We also look forward to customers who need automotive stamping parts processing to visit our company.

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