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2021-08-03 15:50:15
Contact conductive shrapnel

Stainless steel is one of the most common steel materials encountered in instrument work. Understanding stainless steel knowledge will help instrument people better master the selection and use of instruments.

Sometimes we always have preconceived ideas. In fact, there are many things in life that are not as we understand on the surface, such as some basic knowledge of stainless steel. 1. Does stainless steel really rust?

In fact, no matter whether it is based on the composition or structure of stainless steel, strictly speaking, there is no stainless steel that will not rust at all. There are many kinds of stainless steel, and each one is different to adapt to the environment, so it is not possible to generalize.

2. Is it stainless steel that can be adsorbed by magnets?

This kind of long-term use of magnets to judge the quality of stainless steel is the most commonly used, but it is actually inaccurate. Nowadays, there are many stainless steels made of non-magnetic treatment, so there are many imitation stainless steel counterfeit, it is also very simple to make non-magnetic ones. The weakly magnetic austenitic stainless steel and the martensitic magnetic ferrite are made of magnetic stainless steel. Therefore, the use of magnets to judge the quality and authenticity of stainless steel is also inaccurate.

Three, what is a good stainless steel?

So is there a stainless steel that can resist the corrosion of anything? Does such a perfect stainless steel really exist? Each stainless steel has its own specific application field and its own design purpose. As the so-called "personnel do special work", the same is true for stainless steel. Material research and development, considering cost, corrosion resistance, forming, welding and other factors are difficult to balance completely. Even if it is a single corrosion resistance, it is impossible to consider all types of corrosion, so you need to choose the corresponding stainless steel with your own use scene.

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