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Cupronickel shrapnel process

2021-08-03 16:48:02
Cupronickel shrapnel process

Copper terminal production process

The material of the copper terminal product is red copper, which has low yield strength and good plasticity, and the parts are of axisymmetric shape, which is suitable for cold extrusion. The cold extrusion of pipe fittings is divided into two types: cold extrusion with mandrel and cold extrusion without mandrel. A mandrel can limit the inner diameter of the formed tube. The mold structure is complex, and it is mainly used for workpieces that require the wall thickness of the tube to be unchanged or thinned; during the forming process without a mandrel, not only the axial elongation, but also the wall thickness will increase. It is suitable for the production of pipe fittings without strict requirements on inner diameter and wall thickness. The coreless cold extrusion die has no mandrel, simple structure, easy to make, easy to operate, and high production efficiency. One-time extrusion can obtain a large reduction in section and minimize the number of deformations. In view of the fact that the inner diameter and wall thickness of the part has no strict requirements, the project finally chose the coreless cold extrusion process.

The specific process flow is as follows:

The terminal cold extrusion die adopts a combined structure. When working, the upper die is first lifted, and then the blank is vertically placed into the lower die. The upper mold is pressed down, and the return stroke is reset immediately after pressing, and the ejector device then ejects the workpiece from the lower mold to obtain a finished product, completing a work cycle.

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