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Good quality beryllium copper shrapnel

2021-08-03 15:25:01
Good quality beryllium copper shrapnel

Beryllium copper shrapnel is a shield made of beryllium copper alloy, which can be used to close the gap between two contact surfaces and provide a high degree of EMI shielding effect. Beryllium bronze is mainly used for various high-grade elastic components, especially various components that require good conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, and non-magnetic. It is widely used as diaphragms, diaphragms, bellows, micro switches, etc.

The beryllium copper shrapnel provides a high shielding effect of the shield, and the closing force of the shield is extremely low. It has a high degree of relaxation resistance and good abrasion resistance. In addition, it can do a variety of metal plating treatments to ensure its compatibility with any contact surface. It will not burn, nor will it be affected by radiation. Based on these advantages, the design engineers of computers and electrical appliances consider Beryllium copper shrapnel is an ideal electromagnetic wave shielding material.


Beryllium copper shrapnel can be used in a wide range of electronic equipment where EMI/RFI or ESD exists. Used in various shielding rooms/cabin doors/chassis doors/covers/printed boards/integrated circuit shielding, etc. Beryllium copper shrapnel can work well in a variety of environments, and a variety of coatings can be selected to ensure electrochemical compatibility with other contact surfaces. It will not burn, nor will it be affected by rays or ultraviolet rays. For these reasons, designers use beryllium copper shrapnel for EMI shielding in computing center computers, military navigation system receivers and other electronic equipment.

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